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Asia Pacific Scholarship

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The Asia Pacific Scholarship Consortium is an informal network of universities in Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines that aims to facilitate scholarships in high quality postgraduate courses for individuals from Myanmar, Cambodia and Lao PDR who require financial support to study. The Consortium was established in 2007. PURPOSE
To provide opportunities and scholarships for high quality, post-graduate study in fields relevant to development of the Mekong Sub Region, for individuals who demonstrate both academic and professional excellence and potential to become leaders in the following fields:
  • Education
  • International development
  • Social work
  • Environment
  • Community development
  • Public policy and management
  • Media
  • Community health

Successful students will study at prestigious international universities in Hong Kong, Thailand or the Philippines. Scholars will undertake masters degrees by coursework. Courses typically take one to two years to complete. Scholars must complete the course within the specified time period on a full time basis.


Successful students will be eligible to apply for an APSC Graduate Internship. Interns will be placed in organizations and institutions within the Southeast Asian region for a period of three months, so as to further develop skills acquired during formal degree study.


The following costs will be covered under the award:

  • Academic tuition and mandatory fees for the duration of the course, including examination and thesis costs.
  • A monthly stipend for room and board, and living expenses sufficient for a single student. There will be no support for students’ families.
  • Accident and sickness insurance during the program
  • Support for educational supplies and materials.
  • Transport for the student to travel one time from their home to the campus and to return at the end of the program.
  • All costs related to securing and maintaining a student visa for the duration of study.
  • Professional development fund available to cover support for academic development such as attendance of academic conferences or subscription to journals.
  • A research fund will be available on a competitive basis for students who wish to undertake thesis research in their home country.


Applicants must:

  • hold an undergraduate degree at the time of application deadline with an excellent academic record;
  • be a resident of Myanmar, Cambodia or Lao PDR;
  • have experience working in at least one of the fields listed above for development in their home country
  • be proficient in language of instruction at APSC host university (usually English);
  • be committed to returning to their home country after completion of the program to continue their work.

Application Process

Applicants must complete the application materials and submit them to APSC by December 14. The APSC Scholarship Application* and the APSC Reference Forms* should be filled in on your computer and sent to info@scholarshipsasia.org. Your materials will be processed more quickly if completed in this manner, but hand-written or scanned copies of these documents are acceptable only if you have difficulties completing these documents electronically.

The application materials required for this program are as follows:

  • APSC Scholarship Application*.
  • One academic letter of reference (using the APSC Reference Form*).
  • One professional letter of reference (using the APSC Reference Form*).
  • Scanned copies of all previous educational transcripts (or an explanation as to why these are unavailable).
  • Scanned copy of your passport page (if available).
  • Scanned copies of any official English language exams you have taken, such as TOEFL or IELTS (if available).

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview and selection exam. The exam will be an ITP TOEFL test but will include an additional essay component. Based on an applicant’s interest, the shortlisted applications will be recommended for submission to a university from within APSC. This decision will be made by the selection committee. Applicants may be asked to complete a further application, depending on the entrance requirements of the selected university. Applicants do not need to apply to universities directly under this program. Masters courses will start between June and November 2009, depending on the prospective university. Support will be provided for all logistics related to travel and registration at the respective universities

Course Descriptions


The following are descriptions of available courses in the field of education:

  • Educational leadership and management provides educators with the theoretical background and research capacity to understand and analyze the practice of administration and management in education. Available at Hong Kong University and De La Salle University, University of the Philippines Los Banos and Miriam College in Manila.
  • Learning and teaching is designed for teachers and educational practitioners who already have adequate levels of content knowledge in their subjects/courses, but would like to develop deeper and more principled understanding of the learning and teaching processes. Available at De La Salle University in Manila.
  • Special education is designed to equip education professionals with requisite knowledge, competencies, values and skills to meet the unique learning needs of people with disabilities. Available at De La Salle University and Miriam College in the Philippines.
  • Early childhood education aims to prepare teachers to provide significant learning experiences for young children. Available at De La Salle University and Miriam College in the Philippines.
  • Measurement and evaluation aims to develop practical skills necessary to manage and interpret statistical data related to education, including the use of computing for educational research. Available at Miriam College in Manila.
  • Values education and development is designed to help professionals in the exploration of human values which contribute to the development of a fully-integrated person. Utilizing a philosophical, psychological and social framework, the program aims to develop skills in values clarification and development in the teaching-learning situation, whether in formal or community-based settings. Available at Miriam College in Manila.
  • Comparative and International Education and Development focuses primarily on responding to the educational needs of the poor in marginalized communities in developing countries around the world. The course is designed around three core modules that consider current issues in international educational development, education and development in the context of globalization, and comparative education research methodology. Available at Hong Kong University.
  • English language teaching aims to provide experienced qualified English teachers and language specialists with an appropriate theory-based framework within which to understand and investigate issues involved in English language education and to develop competencies in teaching. Available at De La Salle University in Manila and Hong Kong University.
  • Science education aims to develop the scientific and pedagogical skills of elementary and high school science teachers. Graduates of the program are expected to be able to follow the latest developments in the field and become active researchers in science education. Available at De La Salle University in Manila.


The following are descriptions of available courses in the field of Social Science:

  • International studies prepares students with necessary knowledge and skills to analyze key issues and processes in international relations, peace and conflict, diplomacy and globalization. Available at Miriam College in Manila, Rangsit University in Bangkok and Hong Kong University.
  • Mekong studies is intended to encourage and support academic training and research regarding political and socio-economic aspects as well as trans-border issues emerging in the contemporary Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). Available at Ubon Ratchathani University. Applicants for Mekong Studies must be proficient in Thai language.
  • Media aims to develop competencies in print, new media and broadcast journalism, as well as media law, standards and ethics. Available at Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Baptist University and De La Salle University in Manila.
  • Migration studies is an interdisciplinary graduate program focusing on the study and research of the root causes, consequences, socio -economic, political and cultural issues arising from the migration phenomenon. Emphasis will be given to gender dimensions of migration and their social impact on women, families, and communities. Available at Miriam College in Manila.
  • Public administration aims to provide candidates with conceptual knowledge and skills needed to understand the structure and operation of the public sector. Available at Hong Kong University.
  • Health social science is designed for those who need the theoretical bases of and specialized skills in the social science aspects of research as well as program design, management, and evaluation as applied to community and culture-based health issues. Available at De La Salle University in Manila.
  • Psychology involves the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Courses in psychology are available with specializations in family psychology, clinical psychology, human development, measurement, social cultural psychology and cognitive psychology. Available at Hong Kong University, De La Salle University and Miriam College in Manila.
  • Economics studies the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The masters program develops key research and analytical competencies and has options to specialize in Economics of Growth and Development and Quantitative Methods in Economics. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos.
  • Human resource development aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to implement and manage all aspects of personnel in organizations. Available at Miriam College in Manila.
  • Guidance and counseling is designed to provide students with the necessary theory and skills for working with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of counseling settings. Available at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Miriam College in Manila.


The following are descriptions of available courses in the fields of Social Work and Development:

  • Social work prepares students for leadership in social policy advocacy and development of innovative social work practice models. Available at University of the Philippines Diliman and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • Social work (social service administration) aims to develop students’ competence to proactively respond to the challenges and changes in society, particularly those in the professional field of social service. Students will learn to integrate theories and practice to generate new theoretical and practice insights for improving administrative practice, and to evolve a personalized approach to practice. Available at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • Development studies aims to provide advanced training in policy analysis, situational knowledge, administrative planning and management of key development issues. Available at City University in Hong Kong.
  • Community development provides advanced training in key aspects of community development, including organizing, developmental planning and organizational development. Available at University of the Philippines Diliman and Los Banos.
  • Development management equips students with knowledge and skills in development theories, management dimensions in development, program administration, financial planning and change. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos.
  • Development communication focuses on utilizing media as a tool of development. Students can specialize in community broadcasting, development journalism, educational communication and general development communication. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos.
  • Local governance and development provides individuals with theoretical knowledge and skills to work with local government. The course covers development theory and concepts, delivery systems, fiscal management, human resource management and organizational development within local government. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos.
  • Women and development aims to provide a historical and comprehensive perspective to the study of gender and development, particularly in the context of the developing world. Available at University of the Philippines Diliman.
  • Rural development prepares graduates with key competencies and critical knowledge of development processes as they relate to rural populations, with a special focus on poverty, agricultural issues, environment and gender. Available at Khon Kaen University in Thailand and University of the Philippines Los Banos.
  • Strategic planning and public policy focuses on theory and methods of strategic planning and policy analysis within the development sector. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos.
    ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES The following are descriptions of available courses in the field of environmental studies:
  • Environmental management provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the principles of Environmental Science and Management, preparing them to become leaders in solving environmental problems of the 21st century. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos and Miriam College in Manila.
  • Environmental studies provides students with a holistic perspective of viewing the environment, practical skills in Environmental Impact Assessment that determines the qualitative and quantitative effects of projects and programs on the various aspects of the environment, as well as broader scientific skills and perspectives. Available at Miriam College in Manila and University of the Philippines Los Banos.
  • Social forestry develops knowledge and skills in forestry management and policy, forestry program development, alternative theories of natural research policy analysis and social impacts of forestry policy and programs. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos.
  • Wildlife studies provides knowledge and skills in wildlife management, conservation and population dynamics. Available at University of the Philippines Los Banos.

To apply or request more information contact info@scholarshipsasia.org or write to us at: PO Box 196, Chiang Mai University Post Office, Chiang Mai, 50202, Thailand

One thought on “Asia Pacific Scholarship

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am writing for this letter because I think that you can make my
    desire fulfill. I know your foundation from one of my acquaintances.
    I am Aung Ya Tun called N-Hkum Lazing Zau Seng.Most of my friends call
    me N-Hkum Zau Seng.My father is a Burmese-Kayin and my mother is a
    Kachin Countrywoman.I live with my mother and my younger siblings in
    Mogaung township in Kachin State, the northernmost part of
    Myanmar.After I passed my matriculation exam in March,1998, i worked
    as a volunteer junior assistant teacher due to our rustic development
    program , at the Basic Education Middle School of Kyuntaw ,in Mogaung
    until September ,2000. During those years,I gained more knowledge
    about educational process and skills of studying .And I realized that
    I need a higher understanding and accessible skill to do my best in
    the field of education.But I didn’t get the opportunity to study
    higher education because of my family affairs.And we have lower income
    (50,000 kyats) about 50 dollars per mensem, So that I had to try
    myself to continue my education every possible way.
    Fortunately, I could borrow some deficit from my uncle to study higher
    education.So, I went to Yangon and studied music course at the
    University of Culture,from November,2000 to September,2004.While I was
    studying music in those years,I volunteered as a summer vacation
    teacher and taught basic music theory and Elementary level English
    grammar to teenagers from my mother church in Mogaung .Especially,to
    set up a library at the LONDON TEACHER TRAINING COLLEGE via STI
    language center in Myanmar.Then after , I
    volunteered as an English Subject teacher at the Agricultural Training
    School in Kachin Special Region II,Daw Phone Yang Township in Kachin
    State. While I was working as a teacher in these years, I became to
    savvy something that our students had to learn ready-made or
    stereotyped lessons parrot- fashion.Besides, they cannot also put
    their imagination and ideas into simple sentences which are
    grammatically correct. And they do not know how to study and use
    reasoning skill, critical thinking skill and creative skill.And then,
    even though they got a degree , they could not apply what they had
    learned effectively at their work.Most of them are in the countryside
    of Kachin State.Since I have known about that,I would like to help
    them out in any way I can.i am blissfully aware of where our education
    level is,and where we are going to,therefore, if only I could learn
    the English for academic purposes or Educational
    Leadership and Administration course ,I could be able to judge what to
    do ,how to do and manage to enlighten our youths in our region to be
    mare effective and up to date.Because these courses are sine qua non
    for teachers ,I think.But I do not know anything about these
    courses,and there is no Institute to study them in Myanmar.I would
    like to present an image of my best attitude and calibre in our
    society by carrying out the social activities necessary for rustic
    development program in our countryside.I also want our youths’
    mentality and potential to educe.I would like to elevate and pave the
    way for them to fruitfully shape their futures. So, I have been
    craving for studying these ones in any Asia countries.But I cannot
    afford deficit to go abroad and to study higher education because i
    have lower income not more than 50000 kyats per mensem .Therefore.I
    need indeed your help to endeavor to have the makings of becoming an
    expert in the field of education,So, Would you kindly please help me
    to turn into reality my lifelong dream?And i promise you I will try to
    the best of my ability to achieve my fierce ambition.As for me ,Life
    and Teaching will be at all inseparable as long as I live. I strongly
    believe that I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm ,and am also
    responsible and reliable .So, I feel that I would be well-suited for
    the scholarship as I enjoy teaching and working with the people in the
    social activities. I am available for interview with G-talk on the
    internet ,Please send me an email before confirmation the interview
    time and date. I am looking forward hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,
    Aung Ya Tun @ N-Hkum Zau Seng.
    B(8), R(005),Aungzeya Housing ,
    26 Ward, South Dagon Tsp.11431.
    C/O 00951-703080

    My CV form.

    Name -Aung Ya Tun @
    N-Hkum Zau Seng.
    D.O.B – 8,February, 1981.
    NRC – 1/MaKaTa-076730.

    Objective- – To get the Fulbright
    scholarship to study English Language for academic for purposes.
    Education – June,2006-November LONDON
    Diploma in Teaching
    English to Speakers of Other Languages.

    University of Yangon.
    Postgraduate diploma in
    Leadership Development.

    University of
    Culture.(Now, National University of Arts and Culture)
    Bachelor of Arts (music)


    March,2007-August,2008. Volunteered as an English subject teacher at
    Agricultural Training School in Daw Phone Yang Tsp,Kachin

    March- May,2006. Volunteered as a teacher imparted English
    grammar and Traditional dance at mother church in Mogaung.

    March-May.2005. Taught Presentation skill to some youths in
    Kachin Special Region II.

    Every Summer Vacation- Taught basic music theory and English grammar
    to teenagers at my mother church in Mogaung.

    May,2004. Led ten dancers and went on campaign
    for collecting fund to set up library by our performance.

    June,1998- Sept,2000. – Volunteered as a junior assistant teacher
    at the Basic Education Middle School (Kyuntaw) in Mogaung.

    Personal. Interests include Reading,Making
    Friends,Taking part in socail activities, Singing, Traditional

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