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The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank

កំណត់ហេតុរបស់ក្មេងស្រីម្នាក់ៈ អាន់ ហ្វ្រែង

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

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First published in 1947, millions of people have read the diary of 13-year old Anne Frank. She and other members of her family hid in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse for two years in an attempt to escape detection by the Nazis. Anne Frank died in the  Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945, three month before her 16th birthday.

Source: DC-CAM

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Brother Enemy សត្រូវបងប្អូនឯង

Brother Enemy


Nayan Chanda (Download)

Translated by Tep Meng Khean 2007


This book by the bureau chief for the Far Eastern Economic Review examines the third Indochina War and offers an explanation for the Cambodian genocide. Chanda posits that the Khmer Rouge built their revolution at breakneck speed to prepare for a life-and-death struggle against the Vietnamese, and the means they used to do this was ideological “purification.”


Source: Documentation of Cambodia

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Neil Munro

There would seem to be at least three possible viewpoints of the value of history. Clearly such a statement calls for the qualification that the positions represented by these viewpoints are unlikely to be sharply demarcated, but will generally merge into one another.

The first is the view that history is bunk, often positively harmful, and that we should have as little to do with it as we can manage Continue reading