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កសាងអាជីពរបស់អ្នក Building your career: A lifelong journey

Your career is something much larger than a job or an occupation. Your career is the variety of experiences of learning and work (both unpaid and paid) that you undertake throughout your lifetime.

Career: the sum total of paid and unpaid work, learning and life roles you undertake throughout your life.
Occupation: a group of similar jobs found in different industries or organisations.
Job: a position in which you perform tasks for payment.

Our careers are influenced by many things, such as our interests, our age, our education, our families and our cultural values, all of which change. In the 21st century, very few people will have a job or an occupation for life. You can expect to make a few changes throughout your career.

It’s up to you to actively manage the process of building your career, rather than just letting it happen. You will need to plan and manage your lifelong career journey. You are the person best suited to make choices on the basis of your own skills, knowledge and interests.

But as you get started, remember that you won’t be alone. Be open to those who can help and support you along the way, and offer your help and support to others as well.