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Cambodia -Kingdom of Wonder


by Andy Brouwer

You wouldn’t believe I work in tourism would you…I forgot to mention the new branding for wooing tourists to visit Cambodia. In attempting to highlight the country and its many attractions, the tourism folks are now telling everyone that Cambodia is more than just Angkor Wat. With a heavy focus on eco-tourism, adverts on CNN International also include Apsara dancers, beaches, shadow puppets and of course, Angkor, under the new slogan of Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

So how do you think its sits alongside the other slogans in this part of the world? Here’s a few for your digestion: “Amazing Thailand. “Uniquely Singapore.” “Incredible India.” “100% Pure New Zealand.” “Where The Bloody Hell Are You? Come To Australia.” “Malaysia, Truly Asia.” “Indonesia—Islands of the Gods.” “Korea—Soul of Asia.” “Hong Kong—Live It, Love It.” The list goes on. As you are probably aware, Cambodia received 2 million visitors last year (and tourism revenue amounted to $1.4 billion). So how are the other countries in Asia doing on visitor arrivals? Malaysia rose from single digits to 17.5 million visitors in 2006. It expects to hit the 22 million mark this year, and will dislodge Thailand as Southeast Asia’s most preferred destination, being voted as 2007’s world’s favorite. Already the world’s fifth most popular tourist destination, China plans to be the global leader by 2020. China received 28.12 million tourists last year whilst Hong Kong welcomed 28 million. With a national carrier that boasts of flying the world’s biggest aircraft, the A-380, Singapore is about to hit its target of 17 million visitors in 2008. Thailand are looking at receiving 15 million guests this year. Indonesia averages 5.5 million visitors yearly, Vietnam reached 4 million in 2007 whilst the Philippines will receive 3 million. Finally, Laos topped 1.6 million arrivals last year.

18 thoughts on “Cambodia -Kingdom of Wonder

  1. Good article. In you opinion, what do you think Cambodia should learn from those well-run-tourism countries.

    Cambodia – Kingdom of Wonder

  2. This article very good, and I think that tourism still the no-smoke industry in Cambodia, If you read this article, what will you think about Cambodia?

  3. On be haft of Cambodian people, I am very proud that I am Khmer, no place better than Cambodia. If you are tourists don’t forget to see Cambodia-The Kingdom of Wonder.

  4. Cambodian Land is very fertile and rich in natural resource. So Cambodia very suitable to the name “Kingdom of Wonder”

    • Could you clarify in detail why Cambodia deserves to get the name “Kingdom of Wonder”?

      Thank in advance

  5. I just see and read all the infomation about the kingdom of wonder. in my opinion, I think everything in our Cambodia is most lilkly to become the name of it. So I’m Cambodian, I feel very proud of myself that could birth in this land. I like Cambodia.

  6. Cambodia is my life. I can sacrifice everything for my country.

  7. Cambodia will get the good results in the SEA Game 27th in Laos, Football is the most favorite game that I hope that Cambodia will play good in the this time.

  8. Thailand should keep a good diplomatic relation with Cambodia even Cambodia is the poor country. I think Thailand cannot be a good nieghboring country. But the people of Cambodia still consider Thailand is the good one. I wish that the military and diplomatic conflict will end soon. The kingdom of Wonder.

  9. What did you tell I agree, but i want you add a lot of picture in your website, you know in Cambodia is more than just Angkor Wat, but tourism don’t know anything else, so you should and photo and tell what is more, as other temples, sea, lack, iland, forest, especially we have farmer 80% it mean i have large Golden file ( Veal Srea) it have fresh air, and many color like the sky, it change color by the sky. when you go to the middle of this, you’ll get strange feel ( very very good)that i can’t describe this.
    bye !

  10. The landscape of Cambodia full of green nature that can attract many foreigners who want to see Cambodia. Don’t forget Cambodia! If you are travelers we have a lot to show you, Waterfall, ancient temples, mountains, higher land areas, forests, rivers, and something like that. Cambodia full of peace and security. The hotels, restaurants, guesthouses were grown like mus room. This show that the field of tourism are growing very fast. Its standard can respond to what you want.

  11. I’ll add my photo soon.

  12. great photo that you got and if you dont mind can you add more ?

  13. The kingdom of wonder is the perfect slogan for our country. Cambodians finally live in peace after the long period of dark age through the modern war. We the Khmer should be proud of who we are, and we should remain ourself that we used to be one of the most powerful nation in the ancient time, the Khmer Empire. I’m here by to encourage all Cambodians who have read my comment, to stand up and hold each other hand helping each other to embrace the face of our nation. Don’t let our neighboring countries looking down on us. So if you want to do this, please try your best at school to get education, and converting this education into the gold weapons. I am myself have already set a step toward my goal in the future. I’m planing to be the wealthy person; I will travel back to Cambodia and I would use my money to help develop our country. By planing to do this, I’m right now trying so hard to get free scholarship to attend in college in a city of Massachusetts, Boston.

  14. Do you think Hun Sen is too enough of being a Prime minister. But if Hun Sen is a good leader and not controlling by Vietnam, I believe that our country will be richer than today. I just want to wish that our wonderful kings like King Jayvorman II, VII, Preasbat Ang Doung…., famous people like Pres sorng kreach June-nard….. would come to reborn and prosper our country again. Someday, someday they will come back.

  15. I love to be a Cambidians.

  16. I think cambodians tried their best to take their land back from thailand.

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