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A Khmer Surin Hero needs your help


Khmer Surin children learning to write in Khmer under the tutelage of Mongkol (Photo: Witta)
Mongkol and his children in his Khmer teaching classroom in Surin (Photo: The Phnom Penh Post)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Readers,

Khmerization received the following appeal from a fellow Khmer Surin, whom I think is more Khmer than some of us. He is doing it tough trying to teach Khmer language to our Khmer Surin children due to shortage of money and teachers. Above all, he is a scholar who is well-versed in Khmer and Thai history. If anyone has any doubt about Preah Vihear and the 1907 treaty, ask him.

The following is his appeal for financial help in his crusade to revive Khmer language in Surin. Please give a helping hand so that our Khmer Surin brothers and sisters can help keep their Khmer identity.Read more about Lok Kru Chey Mongkol crusade click here: Khmer Surin: Will They Survive The Language And Cultural Genocide?
Dear Kmouy,

I am sending you a MAYDAY!! Now, we having a big problem with financial crisis. For months that I don’t receive donaiton. Please send my cry for help to all Khmer who see my cause.

This is a new front line for the Khmer people. If I lost in Surin, history of the Khmer Surin will be completely wiped out. Now, Thai government’s Mahidol University has started up Khmer program for Khmer Surin but they use Thai scripts written Khmer words. My program is a rival program for them. They don’t like me because I have often attacked them whenever we go out for a conference.

Please send this message to all Khmer people that I need their help at Surin Front Line. This is gonna be a long long uphill battle.


Chaimongkol Chalermsukjitsri
Language and Culture Association of Surin Province (LCASP)
P.O.Box 27, Surin, Thailand.
Fixed Line: 044-520-179
HP 0875815514

email: khmersurin@gmail.com

24 thoughts on “A Khmer Surin Hero needs your help

  1. Hello Salam Sour Sdey.

    My name is Math Kunthia ! My ethnicity is Cham. I was born in Srok Khmer. My father and for father born in Srok Khmer about six hundred year ago. Therefore, Cambodia is my country !!
    I want Khmer Krom, Khmer Kon Dal, Khmer Surin and Khmer Islam unit . DON’T LET THE ENERMY TAKE OUR HOME LAND ESPECIALLY “PREAH VEHEAR” !!

    Peace / Salam all

    • Im a 34 year old Cambodian man. I dont see us as khmer uniting with Cham (islam), you guys leave us with no choice the fact you let religion oppress your people in all shaps and forms. my “ex girlfriend” was cham and i tried extremely hard to put up with that crap (religion). i will never convert for no one!!! Im sadly to say but Cham people will NEVER be an up rising race due to your strick believe in islamic la la land. Wake up and smell the coffee because time is running for the cham people. Im extremely proud to be Khmer and khmer surin will always have my support.

  2. Dear Mr Chaimongkol Chalermsukjitsri,

    I want to join you with 100 us$. How can i get the money to you. I was a Sam Rainsy Party activist, and now i am an English teacher. I have always been searching for information about our brothers, Khmer Krom and Khmer Surin, and I hope that one day we will be whom we are.

    I definitely support your cause, and it’s also my cuase. I thank and admire you for struggling to resurrect the Khmer nationalism in Surin by starting with teaching Khmer language and history. This is the most effective action to embattle with Thailand, the stealing and lying nation. They educate their young generation with false history, then; they have less chance to conquer the truth by which we stand.

    However, in Khmer Kandal, we face terrible challenges everyday, the millions of greedy Yuon immigrants and the Yuon-supporter leader. They leave us uneducated, frustrated, and poor that’s why you see no or less donation to your cause, but please don’t quit it, Lauk Mongkol. If we have a real Khmer leader; we will be better, and your cause will be persued with less hardship.

    From Ok Reksmey (be born, live, and die as a Khmer)

  3. je suis dégouté et écoeuré de voir notre pays aussi faible et surtout avoir perdu autant de territoire comme le surin et krom. comment pouvons récupéré notre terre.

    • Sortez de votre chauvinisme et voyez les choses autrement.

      Et si je disais qu’il y a dix siecles les Khmers avaient envahi les territoires peuples des Mons, Kuoys, Bahnars etc., que diriez- vous?
      Votre debat est obsolete!

      • Oh la la,
        Vous touchez si profonde dans notre culture. Nous n’avons pas envahi les Mons. Le royaume de Dravati et Haripunjaya sont buffés par Les Burmans et les Siams. Cependant, il y avait certains disputes mineurs qu’on entend parlé jamais d’une relation directe entre les Mons et les Khmers.

        Voila! pour ouvrir votre yeux.

        Pour les Kuoys et les Bahnars, On ne peut pas dire “envahir”. Parce qu’il n’existe pas la civilisation ou royaume de Kuoys ou Bahnars. Ils étaient juste des petits communités qui sont sous la domination Khmère.

        Les khmères ont réussit à résister contre nombreux envahision du Champ. Mais les Khmères ne l’ont jamais détruit . Nous les colonisait. Plus tard, ce sont les Viets qui rayait les Champs complètement de la carte.

      • (Idée pesonnel ) Je suis tout à fait d’accord de ceque vous disiez . Mais il faut voir les choses autrement aussi . Dans le très très ancien temps ; L’être humain n’eut pas arrêté de créer les atributs . Donc ce lui qui étais le plus rapide de créer l’empire pour grouper tous les clans en une seule unité , il eut vu loin , très très loin dans le futur ; Ce qu’on peut nommer un GENIE . Et après ça , Les être humain eurent été content de vivre ensemble en gardant sa culture , bien sûre qu’il faut apprendre à parler une langue pour la communication comme la CHINE ,par exemple . Depuis ,tous cequ’il avait existé il ne faut pas les perdre ! Khmere Surin est énorme et non plus un clan ou atribut !. Dans le temps , l’être humain eut eu comprit qu’est c’était la solidarité ,car le clan ou attribut n’eut pas arrêté être attaqué par les grands .

      • ( Idéee personel ) Je corriges mes mots : atribut (tribut) Je suis d’accord ceque Ohlala a raconté. Si les MON ont une grand population comme khmere surin, pourquoi pas , ils peut s’élever publiquement .

  4. Dear Khmerization,

    I agree with you on this. Khmer Surin is more pure Khmer than most of us Khmer today. The struggle of the Khmer Surin is thousands of years old and we Khmer living aboard should help out with small donations for them (Mr. Chey Mongkol) to teach Khmer surin children to read, to write, and to speak Khmer. We need to help our Khmer surin brothers, sisters to keep our Khmer culture alive under the Thai.

    I will donate $150per month (($1,800 per year) to the Language and Culture Association of Surin Province (LCASP). Please join me in helping our Khmer brothers and sisters in Surin and Buriram that they can keep our khmer culture and custom alive in Thailand.


  5. Any one that is standing up for all Khmers national is a hereo regardless of their nationality.

    I apoligize for saying this because I want to be sure that this money is going to help the cause not into some one pocket.

    You can contact me at the above email.


  7. Hi there!

    I’m new to this forum and just wanted to say hi. So Hi!


  8. Hi Mongkol,

    I had read several of your articals regarding the need for helping Khmer Surin. How can i help in supply books and financial donation?

  9. Dear MongKol

    U are the Hero of khmere . I dont want to call u khmere surin any more ,because of the name that we were seperated ( i think . it s my personnal idear ) im a khmere was born in PP and always dream of u all . And i wish to read the information in khmere through internet as Khmere krom does, if possible ,in the futur . Thank you .

  10. Dear Mr mongkol how can I reach your foundation or can contact by phone? I admire you have a lot courage to stand up for your rights. You will have my support 100% for true Khmer hero.

  11. គាំទ្រអស់ពីដួងចិត្តនូវអ្វីដែលជាសមិទ្ធផលខ្មែរ! ចង់ឲ្យខ្មែរលូតលាស់ ចង់ឲ្យខ្មែរវេញចូលគ្នា!

  12. Dear Sir,

    From my pure heart 1000 THANKS for your heart to help Khmer!
    May Khmer Surin has aheart of Gold like yours!

    What you have done in your program are the best Gift for Khmer!

    Your Sincerely,
    A Cambodian Man

  13. I m so happy to see your Visio

  14. Dear Mr. Mongol. i am so proud of you…..yuou are a Khmer hero…..

  15. Siams refuse to link their history with Khmer so they created someone else called khom and looking down on all Khmers including Thai issan(former Khmers).Khom is Khmer so if this race is great as they claim let us reclaim it and call ourselves khom and Kampuchea to khompuchea as some in cambodia already did I heard! Cheer to lukkru Chey Mongol you done a fantastic job!wake up all Khmer/khom be on guard somebody from somewhere else try more than 2000 years to wipe us of the map.

  16. Dear Mr.Chaimongol. I’m very surprise to hear from you. You are my real hero who have done the advantvage cause for our nation, Khmer Surin. Please! you don’t quit your cause however you face to any abstacles we are in Cambodia are at you and support you. let me say hello to all of our same blood Khmer. I love your song and music, your culture your village kmer style and your original language, Khmer. Love, Peanich

  17. Hi This is NK it hurts to hear other Khmers suffer either Khmer Surin ,khmer kandal or Khmer Krom we love you and proud of you all and proud to be born as Khmer .our kings and our leaders have tried very hard for more than 2000 to protect us and defence us but other forces always push us into hells many time to destroy us so they can have the rest of our land.if we are not careful we will lost the rest of this glorious kingdom altogether .I urge all Khmers wherever you are join me and help lukkru Chey Mongol with whatever we can so he can continue to preserve Khmer identities for future generations.khmer Surin are the origin and direct descendent of all Khmers and khmers refuse to be wipe out of the surface of this earth.To all Khmers you are all great people of a great kingdom you all have my love and respect

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