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Dictionary Wordweb Pro 5

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Download Megaupload(9.48MB, RAR)

WordWeb is an extremely useful dictionary and thesaurus containing 150.000 root words, 120,000 synonym sets, pronunciation and many more. The program can be used to look up words in varieties of the English language: International English, American English, British English, Australian English, etc.

In case you look up a word, the results will also include: the word’s definition, synonyms, related words and whether the word may be a part of a compound noun. In case you need more extensive data related to a word, you can also check out the online resource: ‘Wikipedia’, ‘Wictionary’ or ‘WordWeb Online’. Access to all online resource is acquired directly from within the program using Internet Explorer’s engine.

You can set bookmarks and customize your searches by setting filters. For example you can st a filter for slang language, so that those words won’t be available on display. You can also choose to show only root words.
The program’s interface in intuitive and provides a quick access to all its features. You can add words to the thesaurus and copy text to the clipboard. The program is very easy to install and use. After installation, you can select the option of running the program in the tray and bring it up with a hot key of your choice.

Pluses: Besides the features and the extended search capabilities, I was thrilled by the possibility to hear the pronunciation of the words. This is an excellent feature valued by non English natives or people who learn to speak English.

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