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Education for Sustainable Development: 2008 Contest

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We want to know what students across the Asia-Pacific region think about sustainable development. This contest is about creativity, expression, awareness, and having fun. Explore the concept of sustainable development with your friends and you may begin to look differently at our world. All UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) and UNESCO Clubs in the Asia-Pacific region are especially invited to partake, but the competition is open to all youth.

© UNESCO/A.Tangye

About the Contest
To help celebrate the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) we want a greater understanding of students’ perspectives on sustainable development. Young people’s perspectives are extremely important to consider when making decisions. That is why we would like to showcase the student entries as a representation of young people’s perspectives. As such, UNESCO Bangkok is organizing a mural competition on a free surface at a school or in the local community on the theme of sustainable urbanization, action for climate change, or the preservation of traditional and indigenous knowledge based on sustainable development issues. The murals are intended to be part of a community-led initiative to mark the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and create a legacy for future discussion on sustainable development.

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