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Cambodian Translation Network

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Cambodian Translation Network


Cambodian Translation Network, Inc. (CAMTRANNET) is a leading Cambodian based translation agency. It was established in 2005, bringing together a dynamic and multilingual team of Khmer and expatriate translators and interpreters skilled in two or three languages and come from various disciplines.

In today’s global business environment, language has played a very crucial role in communication and business operation. From ridiculous headlines to awkward or sloppy use of the local language, translation mistakes can be costly, embarrassing, and even disastrous. CAMTRANNET can assure accuracy and consistency on every project large or small, regardless of the turn-around requirements through our 3-Step Translation Process: (i) Initial Translation, (ii) Proofreading and (iii) Quality Assurance.

Therefore, CAMTRNNET is well- known for providing great value at extremely competitive rates, high quality, and prompt service. It has been fully recognized by many local and international organizations, book publishers, embassies in Cambodia such as Australian Embassy, UNESCO, Traidcraft UK, oversea translation agencies in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, France, India and other organizations and individual clients with wide range of documents for various purposes.

For the details please visit: http://camtrannet.wordpress.com

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