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Bioethics Education as a Means to Direct Science, Technology, and Development

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Mr. Pa Chanroeun, M.A Ph.


Cambodian Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics (CAMCAPE)


Mobile: (+855) (0)12 76 63 64


Email: chanroeunkh@gmail.com


(for a paper presented in the 9th Socio-Cultural Research Congress on Cambodia, RUPP)


Bioethics is still an emerging discipline for Cambodian society. This paper presents an overview of Bioethics; specifically the research focused on the nature, principles, significance, current trends, challenges of Bioethics, and how to promote Bioethics education in Cambodia. The main objective of this documentary and analytical study is to provide informed perspectives on Bioethics in order to raise public awareness about this form of education and to reflect on the lessons learned globally and how Bioethics can work to remedy some social crises, which are the results of unethical usage and implication of science and technology, and towards (1) Increasing respect for life; (2) Balancing benefits and risks of Science and Technology; (3) Understanding better the diversity of views of different persons for peace and sustainable development in Cambodia. Bioethics could be defined as the study of ethical issues and decision-making associated with the use of living organisms. Bioethics includes both medical ethics and environmental ethics. Bioethics is learning how to balance different benefits, risks and duties. Concepts of bioethics can be seen in literature, art, music, culture, philosophy, and religion, through history. In order to have a sustainable future, we need to promote bioethical maturity. We could call the bioethical maturity of a society the ability to balance the benefits and risks of applications of biological or medical technology. It is also reflected in the extent to which public views are incorporated into policy-making while respecting the duties of society to ensure individual’s informed choice.

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