Food for Thought, Thought for Action!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2- Metaphysics

  1. Dear gorgeous Lork Krou,
    Sorry I can not find the philosophy Chapter two.

  2. Dear Lecturer!!!

    I really appreciate the video clip that u played for us lasr Monday. In fact, i feel more than i can say in word. I really happy to join this group. Also, I am so happy to hear, see, and get all the crucial infomation from u.

    I hope u will let me know ur comment as well from what I have to write if I 12 talk about Human and philosophy (The mail I send to you). Maybe CMU allow me to write sth (I am not sure), if I have chance I will write this topic.

    I believe that there are many members that join this group to share the information of wisdom, philosophy, and peace to our country.

    It starts from u and all our yahoogroups members to establish it for sure!!!

    Your student Sim Soupheakna

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